Hello Everyone! Welcome to BM0307 2020-2-Business Information System and AF0307 2020-2 -Accouting Information System combined classes. 

Nowadays, the demand for business process computerization to adapt and compete with the current business setting is widespread.   Integrating computer systems to business organizations would be difficult or impossible without the process owner's cooperation with IS personnel.  Hence, this unit prepares students to co-operate with the IS department or whichever department responsible for system development, implementation, and or maintenance. This unit elucidates the concepts of Information systems and its components, the major business process, internal control, and participation of end-user in the potential system development or system implementation and or even maintenance.  Topics include accounting information systems and business, systems documentation techniques, the revenue and expenditure cycle, systems development, and systems analysis processes.

Both units are having the same unit objectives, content, and assessment hence combined. This unit will be conducted with practical sessions though it is not implied in the UIG. This somehow assists you  incomprehension of the unit concepts.

Attendance is a must, our meeting is as follows every Wednesday 10.15-12.00 and  Thursday 8.30-10.30. These sessions are complemented with videos and forums to enhance your learning. Students have to complete every activity set on each topic.  Assessments are restricted until all the activities are completed. 

For more details about this unit please see the Student Information Guide. Feel free to send me your queries through my email bienvenido.abad@ibs.ac.pg or through Moodle messaging feature. 

All the best for Semester 2 2020!